Group Text! App Reviews

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Awesome app

Exactly what I was looking for. Needed an app to send mass txts to clients to remind them of appointments, and it does the job perfectly!!

Very disappointed

I was lead to believe this would work for emails but it only does text messages


I use it every day. Great app.

Love it!

Amazing App, strongly recommend!

Group text

Works like a charm - just like the group email app. Both are well worth it. Highly recommend!

Must Have

Seriously, this is gonna kill bbm!! Group message rocks, especially now that its on the iPhone!! Tell your friends to switch... The iPhone basically has everything now & its only gonna get better!!

I want a refund!

This app does not work for my 4Gs I downloaded it to use it for the birth announcement of my son today but nobody received the SMS :( I ended up using Message, so this was big waste of $


I am fully satisfied, its working exactly same as promised. I have tried this for sending messages to 200 contacts.

Works like a charm

Exactly what I was looking for. I havent tried it yet, but it looks like you can add email contacts by turning them on in the settings, despite a bad review above stating that you cannot.


This is a very user friendly app, thanks!!

Needs contact groups

This app might be ok if it had the option of making different contact groups that you could regularly send texts to without recreating the group each time. Almost useless to me without that.

Volunteer fire fighter

Works great will be the answer for our fire hall pagers no. More missed calls

Search And Rescue

Great for mass texting to the team!


Well my texts were received but I heard from other iPhone users that my incoming text made their iPhone crash.. How embarrassing as I specifically bought this app for contacting my clients.. Luckily theyre so understanding..


installed this yesterday - work as a paramedic, sent a text out for shift coverage (27 people)... was an absolute failure. not only did many people not receive the message, they DID however receive the reply from an initial recipient which left them completely confused. ridiculous. will be seeking a refund.

Frustrating app

I am the contact person for our non profit dance school we send out frequent texts to let our members know about everything going on. Not only do half of the members not receive the message it shows on my phone that it was sent to them so I dont even realize they didnt get it.

Great for Updating the Team

Use this app as a means of updating our slo-pitch team all at once. Have not had any complaints and it does the job for me. Took time to figure out where things are to easily edit lists but now is smooth sailing, thank you!

Love This App

I absolutely love this app. I am constantly in need of sending out group texts to over 100 people at a time. Ive used this for a couple of months now and not once has their been an issue or delay !!

Great App

Only downfall is need to work with Apple to find a way to leave MMS messaging and iMessage on and still use App. Other than that, great

Top Knoch App! A+++!

I use this app everyday! It is a huge time saver for me. You cannot find a more intuitive and easy to learn app for group texting. It works brilliantly every time you need it. Keeps everything in order and I can use the same templates over and over again for quick efficient communication. Download it today and see for yourself. I wish every app was this easy to use. :)

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